Rockets Raining Down on Israel - Chabad Terror Victims Project Implements Emergency Measures in Israel

Trying to get children out of the line of fire, and supporting families and soldiers in ways they can

Chabad Terror Victims Project volunteers help combat soldiers don tefilln.Chabad Terror Victims Project volunteers help combat soldiers don tefilln.


As more and more rockets have been fired by Hamas into the south of Israel—setting off air-raid sirens in communities as far as 50 miles from the Gaza Strip, including Jerusalem, and two rockets reportedly shot down over Tel Aviv—representatives of the Chabad Terror Victims Project have leapt into action, trying to help in any way they can.

According to project director Rabbi Menachem Kutner, “the situation is very tense. More than 50 rockets have fallen here today—this is in addition to the 70-plus that fell in the previous 24 hours. Thank G‑d, there have been no casualties.”

Summer-camp programs have been canceled, and children and their parents have been told to remain at home so that they are near shelters. CTVP representatives have been visiting homes and bringing treats for the children to help entertain them and take their minds off the fear they are experiencing. 

“It is a very anxiety-filled situation, never knowing when or where the next rocket will hit. You can feel the tension and fear everywhere, especially among the children,” reports Rabbi Yossi Swerdlov. “We are also visiting soldiers near the front lines, bringing them various items which they have requested to make their situation more comfortable, as much as is possible under these fearful circumstances.”

In response to the onslaught of violence, Israel launched a series of airstrikes on Gaza—where Hamas is launching rockets—early on Tuesday, dubbing the offensive “Operation Protective Edge.” According to news reports, the Israel Defense Force has called up 40,000 army reservists in preparation for further escalation.


CTVP is implementing a three-pronged emergency initiative

CTVP is implementing a three-pronged emergency initiative

As such, CTVP is implementing a three-pronged emergency initiative that includes (1) organizing busses to take children to the center of Israel, out of the range of the rockets and able to have a respite from their anxiety; (2) coordinating with all of centers in the region to organize activities and visits to bomb shelters to support families; and (3) keeping up a steady stream of volunteers going to the front lines to boost the morale of the soldiers, as well as give them spiritual and physical nourishment.

“The dangerous situation is expected to continue,” says Swerdlov. “We have activated our ‘Situation Room’—called Libeinu Itchem (“Our hearts are with you”). “We are recruiting additional volunteers to handle a special call center being set up for families who wish to leave the area temporarily to be out of the line of fire. Some will be located to Kfar Chabad for the time being.

“It is impossible to budget for emergency situations like this,” he adds. “The lives of many Israelis are in terrible danger, and we must do all we can at this time.”