Wounded IDF Veterans Go Skiing in Aspen

A group from the Tzerei Chabad of Israel has arranged a skiing trip for wounded veterans of the IDF in Aspen‚

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A group from the Tzerei Chabad of Israelhas arranged a skiing trip for wounded veterans of the IDF in Aspen, Colorado. The group is presently flying from Israel to Aspen as guests of the local Chabad House, which is run by Rabbi Mendel Mintz.

During their stay, the wounded veterans will learn how to ski with the help of expert professional guides, who teach skiing to people with physical disabilities. The idea is to encourage the soldiers to develop their emotional and physical abilities in spite of their serious injuries. The former soldiers include amputees and men suffering from partial paralysis, who were seriously injured during the Second Lebanon War and various military operations against terrorists in Judah, Samaria, and Gaza.

The Tzerei Chabad of Israel's Terror Victims Project has been in contact with the soldiers since they were wounded and has been helping them with their progress. Aspen’s shliach, Rabbi Mendel Mintz, initiated the project, through which the veterans will be the guests of the Chabad House, which is providing them with full accommodation and the special skiing program. A similar group visited Aspen last year, and the tour had a very beneficial and positive effect upon the soldiers’ recovery. This encouraged the Chabad House staff to continue this project this year and to turn it into an ongoing tradition

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