Chabad’s Weapon in Time of War …

Posted Saturday, Nov 17 2012 11:43pm

This week, the Chabad Youth Organization issued a special call for outreach in view of the current war situation and the recent deaths in the Chabad community.

At an emergency meeting, a decision was made to increase in all efforts to spread the light of Yidishkeit. On Friday, the tefillin campaign was stepped up as the traditional answer to those who seek to obliterate the Jewish nation, and more women went to encorage other women to light Shabbos candles. 

At the same time, a new project called, “Libenu It’chem” [our hearts are with you] was launched to provide assistance and support to citizens in the line of fire according to whatever is needed. 

The head of the Chabad Youth Organization, Rabbi Yosef Yitzchok Ahronov, announced that the first activity would be the distribution of thousands of “Shabbos kits” in the areas that have been struck by rockets. The kits include challahs, Shabbos candles, and gifts for children. Chabad volunteers distributed the kits on Friday.

At the same time, next week, other activities will be launched to help our brothers and sisters in the stricken areas.