Wounded Soldiers:

Israeli soldiers wounded in battle have made enormous sacrifices on behalf of Israel and the Jewish People worldwide. They deserve the gratitude, respect and affection of Jews everywhere. 

CTVP volunteers spend a great deal of time visiting them in hospitals and in rehabilitation facilities. When they have to spend long periods of time under care, CTVP provides them with laptop computers so they can stay in touch with friends all over.  This greatly relieves the sense of isolation they often experience.

Once they have achieved a certain degree of rehabilitation, CTVP arranges special trips of a lifetime for these Israeli heroes.

These trips take them to all parts of the world where they learn such skills as skiing, something that might otherwise seem impossible given their disabilities. Or they visit countries they might never otherwise have the opportunity to see.

CTVP has great faith in these soldiers and knows that with help and support, they can achieve great things even with their disabilities. So everything possible is done to enable them to achieve the seemingly impossible. The emotional and psychological impact of these trips is enormous as they meet people the world over who show their love and respect for these true heroes of the Jewish People. .