Chabad Terror Victims Project Emergency Command Center Set Up in Response to Rocket Attacks

Chabad leaders meeting with IDF soldiers

November 15: A Command Center has been established by Chabad Terror Victims Project (CTVP) to coordinate all activities of the 300 Chabad Houses throughout Israel as rockets continue to rain down on southern Israel. 

There have been numerous tragic deaths and injuries, some of the injuries extremely serious, in this latest vicious assault on Israel and her people. 

CTVP is visiting people in shelters to bring them moral support during this terrifying time. We are providing food for them.  We are making arrangements for families in other areas of Israel to host these families who are in the line of fire, for as long as needed. We are going to hospitals as the injured arrive to be with the families as they keep vigil for their loved ones. We are helping those who have lost loved ones to arrange funerals and shiva periods. 

CTVP is arranging babysitting services for families of the injured so that they can be in the hospitals around the clock without worry for their children.  CTVP volunteers are also going to the front lines to bring sandwiches and moral support to the courageous soldiers who are there awaiting orders.Meeting.jpg