Terrorist rockets and mortars resumes. 

Two soldiers were injured this morning as Palestinians fired mortar shells from Gaza . Helicopters airlifted the soldiers  for medical treatment to Soroka hospital in Beer - Sheva. Chabad teams were immeditely dispatched and came to visit the wounded soldiers. 

During the visit, Rabbi Zalman Gorelik along with Rabbi Menachem Kutner of chabad's victims of terror, listened intently as the soldiers recounted  the circumstances surrounding the attack. 

One of the soldiers was hit by shrapnel that penetrated his leg and  shrapnel that went through his shoulder  the other soldier was hit by shrapnel in the eye area. Parents who were at the bedside of their sons thanked G‑d,  for the great miracle that occured, considering the rockets were in such close proximity to the soldiers. 

The Chabad team praised the 2 soldiers for their heroism in defense of the Jewish Poeple and told of their encounters with residents of Sderot and the vital need for the IDF to thwart terrorist activity and restore safety to Israel. 

The public is called to join in  prayer for the speedy recovery of these wounded soldiers Lidor ben Rimona Sheila ben  Ennis.