Terror Attacks: 

When a terror attack occurs anywhere in Israel, CTVP springs into action instantaneously. Utilizing the resources of 250 Chabad Houses across Israel, volunteers are sent out immediately to be with the victim and his or her family. When there is family in other parts of the country, the local Chabad House near them cares for those family members as well.

Immediate assessments are made as to each family’s needs. Comfort and counseling are provided on the spot to families anxiously waiting in emergency wards and hospital corridors.

For those who have lost a loved one, all assistance necessary is provided in planning funeral arrangements and shiva. 

Financial assistance is provided for families who’ve suffered from terror or war for as long as needed. Often a family member must leave their job to care for the victim or the victim is the primary breadwinner. In such instances the loss of income adds another layer of stress and concern to an already difficult situation. CTVP ensures that during this difficult time the family is able to concentrate on their immediate needs without having to worry about money for food, etc.

CTVP also provides a broad array of additional services to meet all the needs of these families in trauma.  These include babysitting, travel arrangements, counseling, meals, and much more. Whatever is needed, CTVP provides.

CTVP is there for the victims and their families from the first moments and for as long as they are needed, whether that is days, weeks, months or years.