CTVP Emergency Command Center Continues Urgent Work


Though a "ceasefire" has officially gone into effect in the south of Israel, the trauma to those affected has no respite. Chabad Terror Victims Project is continuing its urgent work caring for the victims of the terror attacks and their families, as well as the over one million people in the south who found themselves under direct threat of attack, a threat that continues even now. 

A broad range of immediate emergency assistance and services provided families with financial, emotional and practical assistance in the first days as they faced the moment-to-moment needs of their wounded loved ones and dealt with the shock of the violence. 

Now long-range plans are being put into place to provide for their needs going forward. CTVP will be arranging for both emergency and long-term aid – including financial assistance, emotional support, practical aid in the form of meals, babysitting, grocery shopping, help with hospital and doctor visits and more — for as long as needed, whether a week, a month, a year, or many years. 

We will not leave the sides of these families until they are fully able to move on with their lives. Even then, we are always there when the inevitable lapse in strength occurs and they need us again to help them over recurrences of emotional distress.