Actor John Voight Meets Wounded IDF soldiers Cared for by Chabad Terror Victims Project  

CTVPjon.jpgWorld-renowned Hollywood actor Jon Voight ended a visit to Israel with an emotional meeting with wounded IDF heroes who participate in Chabad Terror Victims Project programs and activities. Jon, who is very close to Chabad, and a very strong proponent of Israel, has been using his considerable influence in the U.S. to bolster Israel's public image.
Jon Voight was in Israel accompanying a delegation of Republican Representative Mike Huckabee on a visit. At the meeting with the elite of the IDF, which was initiated by Rabbi Yossi Swerdlov of Chabad, Jon heard first-hand from the soldiers about the fighting during the Second Lebanon War and Operation Cast Lead War in Gaza. They described to him in general terms the circumstances leading up to the injuries they sustained while courageously defending the land and nation of Israel.
The soldiers told Voight about the long process of rehabilitation they undergo and the tremendous importance of the aid and support they and their families receive from the Chabad Terror Victims Project. At the end of the meeting, Jon told the soldiers that what he heard from them had greatly strengthened his resolve to fight even harder for Israel in the U.S. He also told them that he was deeply moved by the broad range of activities Chabad Terror Victims Project in Israel provides for soldiers in the IDF and for their families.