Purim: A Celebration of Deliverance – Then and Now

Tuesday, 1 March, 2016 - 11:51 am

 Purim 2016-3.jpgPurim is a festival of merrymaking.

We celebrate our deliverance from the evil Haman who tried to annihilate the Jewish people.

This year, Purim has deeper meaning for the people of Israel as they struggle with the violence and terror plaguing our precious homeland.

Again our enemies seek to destroy us.

But we, the Jewish people are strong. Thru history, with the help of Hashem, we’ve overcome our enemies – and we’ll do so now.

You can show your love and support to over 3,000 families in Israel cared for by Chabad’s Terror Victims Project (CTVP) by partnering with us to bring them the joy of Purim personally.

CTVP will visit every family, bringing Mishloach Manos, Megillah readings, Purim meals and the solidarity of Jews around the world to families suffering the trauma of terror and war.

If you’ll be in Israel at Purim, (starts March 23/13 Adar II), let us know. We’ll bring you with us on visits.

If you’re not in Israel, you can still be there in heart and spirit for our people.

Please join the CTVP Purim Mission 2016. And please be as generous as possible. Each Mishloach Manos package costs $7 and we must deliver over 3,000 of them.

So many families in Israel are suffering from terrible acts of violence. Help us help them.

Thank you! And all our best wishes to you and yours for a wonderful, festive Purim!!!!

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