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On the Front Lines, in the Bomb Shelters, Caring for the Wounded…

Thursday, 31 July, 2014 - 4:03 pm


CTVP is continuing its round-the-clock work. This week we were joined by a wonderful, courageous group from Toronto led by Rabbi Mendel Kaplan of Chabad of Flamingo, Canada. 

Kaplan6.jpgOn day one the group visited the wounded soldiers in Soroka Hospital. We brought packages containing headphones for listening to music, tefillin for those whose sets were destroyed in the fighting, a Chumash, Siddur and Tehillim, and a variety of food treats. 

The soldiers were thrilled to meet with these visitors from abroad. 

The group then went to visit families who have lost their sons in the fighting. Their presence, in itself, brought much comfort and solace to the grieving parents and siblings.  

Kaplan3.jpgThe next day all of us went to the front lines, bringing the soldiers there not just hot pizza, but packages of essentials, as well as spiritual comfort, solidarity, encouragement, and gratitude. Once again the soldiers were so happy to see people from abroad. 

kpln4.jpgThen we went to Sderot, directly in the line of fire, and found that many families were out of food. The wonderful people from Rabbi Kaplan’s group went immediately to the closest grocery store and purchased and put together emergency food packages that included tuna, rice, pasta, oil, coffee, beans, flour, sugar, canned goods and other staples, as well as chicken and beef. They distributed them to the families in need. 


The group then joined us in the bomb shelters in Sderot and made a pizza party with entertainers for over 150 children. 

The next day we all traveled north to visit more bereaved families.  During these visits the group offered and gave financial support to those families in need. 

It is hard to describe the appreciation and gratitude expressed by the soldiers in the hospitals and on the front lines, the families of the bereaved, and the children in the bomb shelters, upon meeting these visitors from abroad. 

They not only came to visit, but they jumped right in and rolled up their sleeves to help.  All of us at CTVP, and everyone they visited, want to thank them not only for their assistance while they were here, not only for the gifts they gave, but also for their mere presence which has done so much for everyone they visited and for our staff as well. 

May they be blessed with peace and good health.  

You too can help Israel, its people, and its soldiers by making as generous a donation as you can at Thank you.


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