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Arranging Shiva, Caring for the Bereaved, Bringing Comfort to Israel…

Thursday, 31 July, 2014 - 4:05 pm


They were heartbreaking visits. Each home we walked into of a bereaved family, that had lost a son, was a scene of anguish. 

One of our visits was to the family of Oron Shaul who was 20 years old. You may have heard of him.  Hamas claimed to have kidnapped him. The family waited in agony for word and when it came, it was the worst. He had been killed.  A CTVP delegation went to show our respects and give them support. 

Shiva1.jpgAt the home of an Ethiopian soldier, Moshe Malako,  killed in battle, his grieving mother told us how she and her husband had fought to come to Israel. Israel is their homeland, she said, and now their son has fought and died for his country. They were so proud of him, but their pain at his loss was overwhelming. 

As we sat in their tiny apartment, we could see how they were suffering physically as well. It was very hot and they had no air conditioning. We had air conditioners installed that very day. 

A family from Russia, whose son, Dimitri Levitas, too had made the ultimate sacrifice, lived in such small quarters that people coming to console them could hardly get in. Chabad immediately arranged for them to sit shiva in the Chabad House closest to their home. 

These are just a few of the grieving families we went to this week. Sadly, there are many more. 

We gave the families funds to help with their immediate needs.  We will remain with them and assist them in every way possible at this tragic time in their lives. We will stay with them for as long as they need us.


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