CTVP Goes to Wounded Soldiers in Hospitals Across Israel

Friday, 25 July, 2014 - 10:51 am


Chabad Terror Victims Project and Chabad Emissaries throughout Israel are visiting wounded soldiers in hospitals throughout the country. Our goal is to attend to the specific, unique needs of each individual soldier, and their families, in order to eliminate as much suffering both physical and emotional as possible.


(Above) A soldier gratefully accepts a laptop computer brought to him by CTVP that will become his lifeline of communication through the longs months of recovery and rehabilitation he faces ahead.


As we have visited with soldiers at hospitals like Hadassah Ein Kerem, some have told us that their tefillin were left behind in Gaza in the rush of the medical evacuation. Others have said their tefillin were burned by explosives and gunfire.

So we are bringing new tefillin to the soldiers who have lost theirs, as well as gift packages containing a Sefer Chitas, headphones to listen to music, and treats. And we sit with them, listening and comforting as they recount the trauma of their experiences in Gaza.

These great heroes of Israel who are putting their lives on the line for Israel and the Jewish People deserve everything we can bring to them – physically, spiritually and emotionally and that is what CTVP is doing. 

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