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CTVP Organizes Wonderful Purim party for Wounded IDF Soldiers

Monday, 11 April, 2011 - 7:56 am

CTVP Organizes Wonderful Purim party for Wounded IDF Soldiers

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As we do each year, this year too, CTVP organized a very special Purim party for the Israel Defense Forces (IDF) soldiers who were wounded in battle.

Following the reading of the Megillah, tremendous joy could be felt everywhere as the soldiers and CTVP staff and volunteers broke into spontaneous dancing and songs from Purim.

CTVP is with these wounded soldiers, who are true heroes of Israel, from the time they are injured and throughout their long years of rehabilitation. We are there for them and for their families for as long as they need us, whether it is a month, a year, or many years.

One of the most emotional times of the year for them is always during the holidays. It is then that they feel keenly the limitations and restrictions and pain that their injuries have forced upon their lives. It is a time when they urgently need family and friends.

At the Purim party, one of the wounded soldiers asked to have the microphone. With deep emotion he explained, “When I was wounded, Rabbi Menachem Kutner of CTVP came to visit me. Seeing the severe injury I sustained and understanding how long my recovery would be, he came back to me a few days later with the gift of a laptop computer, the very thing that helped me go through the initial healing process of being bedridden long-term.
“I thought it was to be a one-time gesture. But I was very wrong. Today, six years after my injury, I am so happy about the relationship with CTVP which has been with me all these years as I’ve struggled through painful rehabilitation. They are always there helping to sustain my spirit and my courage.

“On behalf of all my wounded comrades who are fortunate enough to also have CTVP by their sides as I am, I want to say thank you, thank you for all you do for us. We could not have healed as much as we have without you.”

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