CTVP to Aid Terror Victims during Passover Holiday

Monday, 11 April, 2011 - 11:39 am

CTVP to Aid Terror Victims during Passover Holiday

Matzah (medium)

CTVP has begun the annual "Passover Help Program".

The goal is to provide assistance to victims of terror and war and their families who are under even greater financial pressure during the Passover holiday season. It is urgent that they are able to celebrate and enjoy this deeply meaningful holiday without the stress of worry.

We are assisting families and individuals all across the country who have been affected by the recent terrible increase in terror attacks, including the fatal bombing near a bus that happened in Jerusalem on March 23. As well, there has also been an escalation in rocket attacks from Gaza which has put the communities in that area of the country under tremendous fear and strain. And there are all the families we were already caring for who have suffered from attacks and war over the past years.

"The financial and emotional strain put on an average family after a terrorist attack can last for years and be extraordinarily overwhelming, especially around the holidays," said Menachem Kutner, Director of Operations at CTVP in Israel.
''The joy we can bring to a family by helping them with Passover expenses lifts a tremendous burden off their shoulders, bringing a smile of gratitude to their faces and with it, the ability to truly enjoy the holiday with their family. In many cases, when needed, we also make arrangements for them to share the Seder with families nearby which alleviates the loneliness the holiday can bring after the tragic loss of a loved one,'' Kutner further commented.

CTVP also makes special deliveries of matzah and wine to all the families ensuring that they have these essential ingredients for the holiday and reminding them yet again that they are not alone, that they have CTVP with them on their journey to recovery, for as long as they need us.

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