Your Prayers are Urgently Needed for 11-Year-Old Ayala

Wednesday, 31 December, 2014 - 2:10 pm

A group from Chabad's Terror Victims Project has just been to the hospital where 11-year-old Ayala Shapiro remains in critical condition. 

On Thursday, December 24, Ayala and her father, who was also injured, were on their way to their home, which is near Ma’ale Adumim in Samaria, when terrorists hurled a firebomb at their car. 


They managed to escape the flaming car but both were burned, Ayala very severely. They were treated on the scene and taken to the Tel Hashomer burn unit where Ayala was put on a respirator. 

We met with Ayala’s father and mother in the hospital. Together we said special verses of Tehillim on behalf of both father and daughter.  We were joined by 2 families from Miami who came with us and gave gifts to Ayala’s family. 

Chitas.jpgCTVP gave Ayala a beautiful pink leather volume of Chitas with her name stamped in gold from the Rober book binders. 

Ayala’s parents were very moved by the visit from CTVP and the families from Miami. They thanked everyone for their solidarity and for bringing them strength, compassion, and support. 

An emotional request was made by Ayala’s parents that we ask everyone to please continue their prayers for the full recovery of Ayala bat Ruth.




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