Brief Update of Chabad Terror Victims (CTVP) Activities

Tuesday, 31 October, 2023 - 12:11 pm


Brief Update of Chabad Terror Victims (CTVP) Activities

With the help of hundreds of Chabad Shluchim and over 9,000 volunteers, we have been to every army base providing the soldiers with spiritual, physical, and emotional support. We are helping the displaced families from the Gaza and Lebanon borders with food, living essentials, and housing for many of them.

We have distributed over 10,000 food boxes and food cards, 42,000 toys, 54,000 Tzitzis, distributed countless pairs of Tefilin; over one million Shabbat candles; put on Tefilin, brought refreshments and made BBQs for over 200,000 soldiers; assisted 2,400 wounded, and, sadly, made 470 Shiva visits - and the list goes on.


It is your support that makes everything we do possible.

We know that if you were with us in Israel, you would be participating with us as we visit the soldiers, pay Shiva calls, and offer a helping hand to the displaced families, but living in the United States makes that impossible.

Still, everything we do is with you by our side.

Please join us with your financial support, and we hope that the next time we’re in contact, it will be with good news and Besuros Tovos.

Thank you.

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