Israeli Hero Inspires American Students to be Proud of Being Jewish

Israeli Hero  inspires American students to be proud of being Jewish


Jewish students from Dartmouth College in New Hampshire learned about the love of the Land of Israel by a special talk organized by Chabad Terror Victims Project by  Golani fighter Ziv Yitzhaki who was wounded in the second Lebanon war. The meeting was held last night in Jerusalem at the Jerusalem Gates Hotel and  and left a deep impression on the students . Ziv's message to them was " Do not be afraid. Be proud of being Jewish " ! The Shliach who is accompanying the group from Dartmouth Rabbi Moshe Gray summed up the meeting by saying: "Ziv's powerful message of Jewish pride is exactly what we are trying to accomplish with bringing the students to Israel.  The students also heard from Rabbi Menachem Kutner and Rabbi Yossi Swerdlov about the work being done by Chabad in Israel in helping the victims of terror and war. 


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