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The holiday of Purim brings happiness and joy at the miraculous saving of the Jewish people. There are Megillah readings, costumes, hamentaschen, Mishloach Manos and festive meals.

But for those whose lives have been forever changed due to terror and war, the celebrations can often be very painful as they remember their losses.

CTVP understands and ensures that the spirit of Purim is brought to these families so that they can share in the joy even though their pain is not forgotten.

They are invited to Megillah readings at Chabad Houses around the country. Deliveries of beautiful Mishloach Manos baskets filled with a variety of foods are sent to their homes.

Chabad Terror Victims Project Brings the Joy of Purim to Wounded Soldiers

Chabad Terror Victims Project Brings the Joy of Purim to Wounded Soldiers 


Beautiful packages of Mishloach Manot were distributed to the wounded soldiers via CTVP in honor of Purim. CTVP is in constant contact with hundreds of wounded soldiers with multiple programs throughout the year. From the moment of injury CTVP is at their beside in the hospital, during the rehabilitation and for as long as needed CTVP is there with them.

At a special celebration held for them at the Tel Hashomer Rehabilitation Hospital, Rabbi Menachem Kutner, CTVP director of activities shared an inspirational Dvar Torah and distributed the Mishloach Manot. The participants were very grateful and thanked CTVP for their ongoing support.  














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