For families who have lost a loved one to terror or war, or those who have a family member who has been seriously injured, holidays can be a very painful time when they keenly feel the loss and grief.

CTVP provides financial assistance to these families so they can purchase the special foods which are a vital part of the celebration of the various holidays. As well, CTVP ensures that all these families have the special items they need to celebrate the holiday. From Shmura Matzah for pesach, or even honey for Rosh Hashna.

Families are invited to the homes of volunteers for the holidays and large public celebrations are also held by CTVP around Israel so no one is left out.

Chanukah Highlights

A Time of Joy/A Time of Tears

Chanukah is a joyous time in the Jewish calendar.

For families whose lives have been forever traumatized by terror and war, however, it is also a poignant time, when there is a desire to celebrate the holiday, but at the same time, the pain of loss has been deeply etched into their souls.

This year, 2020, was like no other. Working closely with the Israeli Ministry of Health, Chabad’s Terror Victims Project (CTVP) was able to arrange outside Menorah lightings. They were a little different than in the past, but they took place.

These lightings honor families of fallen war heroes and victims of terror attacks. The families have come to see these lightings as wonderful tributes to those they have lost and were devastated when they thought they would not happen this year.

Throughout Israel, these lightings honored those who have made the ultimate sacrifice for Israel and the Jewish people.

Before Chanukah even began in Israel, Rabbi Menachem Kutner, CTVP Director, and Moshe Gruenberg of CTVP, participated via Zoom, in the lighting of the first candle in Australia, with Shaliach, Rabbi Velly Slavin.

Chanukah2020australia.jpegRabbi Kutner shared stories of heroism and inspiration with the participants, detailing how even in the midst of Covid-19, CTVP has been able to bring hope and help to those suffering from the horror of violence.

 The Oldest Wounded Soldier…


Sergeant Major Chaim Tamam is the oldest wounded soldier from Operation Protective Edge which took place in 2014 and was in response to rockets being fired into Israel from Gaza.

Together Sergeant Tamam lit the Menorah with Rabbi Kutner and Moshe Gruenberg.


A Hero of Israel and the Jewish People


BaruchBenYigal.jpgBaruch Ben Yigal lost his beloved son Amit to terror.  Here he is seen lighting the Menorah with Rabbi Kutner and Moshe Gruenberg from CTVP.

Amit was a member of the elite IDF unit, Sayeret Golani, and was killed by terrorists this past year. He was a true hero of Israel and the Jewish people.





They will Never be Forgotten…

For the families of wounded and fallen loved ones in Israel, these Menorah lightings mean so very much. They know that their sons, parents, siblings will not ever be forgotten, and they derive much solace and comfort knowing that.

One of the goals of CTVP was to bring the light of Chanukah all across Israel.

Click here to see a beautiful, touching video of the lightings.

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