For families who have lost a loved one to terror or war, or those who have a family member who has been seriously injured, holidays can be a very painful time when they keenly feel the loss and grief.

CTVP provides financial assistance to these families so they can purchase the special foods which are a vital part of the celebration of the various holidays. As well, CTVP ensures that all these families have the special items they need to celebrate the holiday. From Shmura Matzah for pesach, or even honey for Rosh Hashna.

Families are invited to the homes of volunteers for the holidays and large public celebrations are also held by CTVP around Israel so no one is left out.

CTVP Bringing Message of Light and Warmth Across Israel

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As we are in the midst of celebrating the beautiful holiday of Chanukah, CTVP staff and volunteers are once again fanning out across Israel, to bring the message of “Light will Win” to families throughout the country.

It is an especially timely message.

The Chanukah message of hope and light is helping all of us to see not only the miracles of the past, but the miracles around us every day.

We are going to the homes of terror victims and their families – those who have just suffered in this latest conflict and the thousands of others victims of terror.


We are bringing them dreidels, chocolate coins, menorahs and sufganiyot, the jelly doughnuts everyone in Israel loves so much. And we are staying to light the candles with them.

We are also visiting hundreds of IDF bases sharing the Chanukah light and spirit with our brave soldiers.

We have put up giant menorahs all around the country and are having public candle-lighting ceremonies for people everywhere.

We are having Chanukah parties for the children.

All of this brings hope and comfort to all those in Israel whose lives have been shattered by terror and war, whether a few weeks ago or a few years ago.

And the reason we can bring help and hope to these families is because we have you – our dear friends and partners – enabling us to ensure that these families are never forgotten. That their suffering is remembered and honored.

As you enjoy the light and beauty of Chanukah with those you love, please keep these families in Israel in your mind and in your heart. Please make the largest Chanukah gift you can to Chabad Terror Victims Project so we can go on helping.

In the merit of your kindness, compassion, and generosity may the light of the Chanukah candles shine brightly on you and bring joy and happiness to you and yours. Thank you.

Happy Chanukah!

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