For families who have lost a loved one to terror or war, or those who have a family member who has been seriously injured, holidays can be a very painful time when they keenly feel the loss and grief.

CTVP provides financial assistance to these families so they can purchase the special foods which are a vital part of the celebration of the various holidays. As well, CTVP ensures that all these families have the special items they need to celebrate the holiday. From Shmura Matzah for pesach, or even honey for Rosh Hashna.

Families are invited to the homes of volunteers for the holidays and large public celebrations are also held by CTVP around Israel so no one is left out.

Our Wishes for the New Year


All of us at Chabad’s Terror Victims Project want to send you our deepest appreciation for your extraordinary support and dedication to the many families in Israel whose lives have been shattered by terror and war. Your commitment to them is an extraordinary source of strength, hope, and healing for them.

We want to wish you, your loved ones, and all of Israel a year of good health and happiness, of meaning and purpose, of peace everywhere.

May all the soldiers who were wounded be healed, may all the bereaved families be comforted, may the children return to lives without fear, and may it be a year of mercy and compassion for Am Yisrael in Israel and around the world!

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