Summer is supposed to mean relaxation and vacations as school ends and life slows down. But for families who have experienced terror and war, the painful losses do not go away during the summer. It is at this time especially that children, without the structure of school, suffer even more the fear and anxiety that terror, rocket attacks, bombings and war cause.

CTVP has organized a broad array of day camps, overnight camps, and family getaways to enable these families to have a much-deserved respite from the ongoing challenges they face daily.

Financial assistance is provided so that the children can attend these camp programs which are specially structured

Summer’s underway!

 Summer’s underway!

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The first group of children from families devastated by terror, have now begun their programs in our day camps and overnight camps.
The camps – some from our Gan Israel Day Camp system, some other camps – are scattered throughout Israel. The children are enjoying the normal schedule of camp activities but there is an added component that addresses directly the trauma the chil­dren have experienced. This includes work­shops and special programs geared to an understanding of the situations the chil­dren have gone through, and how to help them heal emotionally and psychologically.
We work directly with the staff members at each of the camps involved as well as with our psychological advisory team to ensure that the children not only have a carefree, wonderful summer, something every child deserves, but that they also have the sup­port and help they need to overcome the trauma they have experienced.
We want to share one touching story with you that illustrates well the impor­tance of these camps and of all of CTVP’s unique work.
We were recently approached by a wom­an who had been widowed some years ago when her husband was killed in a bus bombing in Jerusalem. Her children were very small when the tragedy occurred. But now, they are at an age where they can be­gin to understand their loss and the horror of how their father died.
The mother felt that they needed even more help now than they did in the begin­ning. So we increased our involvement by getting the children into our summer camp programs and directly involving a psychol­ogist to work with them.
The fresh air and sense of normalcy that the camps provide are already helping these children and indirectly their mother as well. This is yet one more example of the life-sustaining work we accomplish to­gether through CTVP and its broad array of programs. Thank you
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