Terror Attacks

When a terror attack occurs anywhere in Israel, CTVP springs into action instantaneously. Utilizing the resources of over 300 Chabad Houses across Israel, volunteers are sent out immediately to be with the victim and his or her family. When there is family in other parts of the country, the local Chabad House near them cares for those family members as well.

Immediate assessments are made as to each family’s needs. Comfort and counseling are provided on the spot to families anxiously waiting in emergency wards and hospital corridors.

October 10, 2023 - Day 4 / Gaza War

The horrific fighting in Israel not only continues unabated, it is escalating with horrific consequences.

Together we must escalate our help and support to our precious brothers and sisters in Israel suffering such horror.

With thousands of volunteers who stepped up immediately, Chabad’s Terror Victims Project (CTVP) is on the ground everywhere - with the soldiers, with the stricken families, in the hospitals.

In Sheba Medical Center we were with the soldiers who were wounded in heroic face-to-face combat against the terrorists - saving Jewish lives.

At Hadassah Ein Kerem Hospital, a team of volunteers joined Rabbi Kutner and Shaliach Rabbi Yisroel Naftalin going from room to room bringing the soldiers and their families  comfort and the gratitude of the entire Jewish world for their courage, their bravery and their sacrifice.

 Option 1 Kutner and Shaliach.jpg

 CTVP Director Rabbi Kutner and Shaliach Rabbi Yisrael Naftalin helping a wounded soldier in the hospital put on Tefillin.

Simchat Torah under Fire

Israel has seen some of the deadliest days in their history. Starting from the morning of Simchat Torah, October 7th, Hamas has launched a full blown attack on Israel. Hundreds of soldiers and civilians killed, thousands wounded, and over 100 hostages taken into Gaza.

Our soldiers are fighting.

Our brothers and sisters are running for their lives.

Entire families have been locked in their homes for over 48 hours.

We are One.
The Jewish nation is compared to a body- that which affects the head affects every single limb. We need to step up for our brothers and sisters in the Holy Land by providing them with the means to get through this hard time.

Help us help our brothers and sisters!

Chabad Terror Victims Project will be providing support, supplies, comfort and physical aid to the families of the victims and soldiers in combat.

It is also an opportune time to add in any good deeds, increase in Torah and Tefilla and for men to don tefillin daily.

Together, we will provide the victims of terror with as much as we need to get through this horrific time.

Together, we will unite as one and help as many of our brothers and sisters.

Together, CTVP will be able to uplift, aid and inspire.

Together, we WILL defeat our enemies.

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