Helping Victims

From the moment an act of violence takes place, CTVP’s teams are there, forging an immediate bond with the victims and their families, bringing them financial, practical, emotional, and spiritual support as they struggle to reclaim and rebuild their lives.

We stay with all these families for as long as they need us – whether weeks, months or years. There is no end point to our help except the family’s ability to re-enter their lives successfully. Only then do we move quietly into the background, but still remain available for those times when the horror inevitably reasserts itself and help is needed once again.

This is what makes CTVP so unique, we are there for the long-term.

Our Vital Work Goes On…

Chabad’s Terror Victims Project’s work with soldiers and others deeply traumatized by the recent conflict throughout Israel continues unabated during this time when a ceasefire is in place – a ceasefire we pray with all our hearts will continue.


The lessening of immediate pressure, with rockets not raining down, is enabling CTVP to spend more time with the soldiers who are still stationed on the front lines near the Gaza border. 

We are bringing them packages of essentials and special treats and hot meals. We are helping them to lay tefillin which has become a critically important emotional uplift for the soldiers as they have told us on so many occasions. 

For the soldiers who have returned home following the fighting, we are bringing them gifts to show our deep appreciation for all they have done and sacrificed for Israel and the Jewish people.  continuing1.jpg

We recently met with a group of soldiers at a building that had suffered a direct hit from a rocket. As we passed out gifts and expressed our gratitude, they told us how much CTVP’s work means to them. They told us over and over again that they appreciate all of it more than they can say in words.

Our visits to the wounded soldiers in hospitals and rehabilitation centers is ongoing. Besides the gifts and comfort we are bringing them directly, we are providing many services to their families so they can spend as much time as possible at the bedsides of their loved ones.continuing2.jpg 

For those who have suffered the greatest loss with the death of their loved ones during the conflict, we are bringing financial support, emotional comfort, and practical help as they struggle to regain their lives. We are at their sides continually. 

Our work will continue with all these soldiers and their families, as well as with the 3000 other families shattered by terror and war who were in our care before the conflict began. And we will do so for as long as they need us – whether that is a month, a year, or many years. 

This is just a part of what makes CTVP unique – we are always there.  And we can also be everywhere because of the resources of our 300 Chabad houses in every area of Israel. 



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