Wounded Soldiers

Israeli soldiers wounded in battle have made enormous sacrifices on behalf of Israel and the Jewish People worldwide. They deserve the gratitude, respect and affection of Jews everywhere.

CTVP volunteers spend a great deal of time visiting them in hospitals and in rehabilitation facilities. When they have to spend long periods of time under care, CTVP provides them with laptop computers so they can stay in touch with friends all over. This greatly relieves the sense of isolation they often experience.

Once they have achieved a certain degree of rehabilitation, CTVP arranges special trips of a lifetime for these Israeli heroes.

For Our Wounded Soldiers: Swiss Chocolate, IPads, and Visits from Abroad…

Chabad Terror Victims Project (CTVP) continues all of its work in Israel unabated. We are at the front lines, in the hospitals, in the bomb shelters, and in the homes of the families sitting shiva for their sons lost in battle in Gaza. 


Families and groups from around the world are coming to Israel, despite the present danger, and joining us on these visits to personally express their love, respect, and gratitude to the soldiers, their families, and all of Israel. 

A family from Colombia arrived in the morning and volunteered to go to the hospitals to visit the soldiers. They were met by Rabbi Yossi Swerdlow in the CTVP Situation Room where they packed leather-bound Tehillim, donated by the Roeber Leather Company of Israel, with IPads which were to be taken to the soldiers. 

Many soldiers are facing long and painful hospitalizations and rehabilitation and the Tehillim provide strength for the soul, while the IPads enable them to keep in touch with family and friends easily so they do not feel isolated. 

IMG-20140803-WA0035.jpgOur group was joined by Rabbi Sholom Schmerling of Chabad of Venice and North Port and his brother Yechiel of New York. They are members of the Schmerling family, owners of the world-famous Schmerling Chocolate Company. They brought delicious Swiss chocolates for the soldiers. 

The soldiers were so deeply grateful for the Tehillim, the IPads and the chocolate and so appreciative of the people from abroad who have come to Israel specifically to bring them encouragement and strength. 

Rabbi Menachem Kutner accompanied Rabbi Swerdlov and the groups to Assaf Harofeh Medical Center where they were met by Rabbi Mendy Beckerman, the local shaliach. 

As they went from the bedsides of one soldier after another, one of them told them that he had no Tefillin. When he was evacuated to the hospital, they were left behind in Gaza.  He was immediately given a new pair of Tefillin, donated by Bais Lubavitch of Paris. 

IMG-20140803-WA0011.jpgFrom there the group to bomb shelters in Be’er Sheva to visit the children. They brought games, treats, entertainment and the magic of their caring for the children and adults which brings so much strength to those who live in fear with constant sirens and rockets. 

Then they visited Soroka Hospital where they were met by Shaliach Rabbi Zalman Gorelik who accompanied them on their visits to the wounded soldiers there. 

BarMitzvahIpad.jpgAt noon on the same day, a Bar Mitzvah boy and his family from New Jersey joined CTVP, Rabbi Kutner, and Shaliach Rabbi Levi Gopin, at Tel Hashomer Medical Center where they brought IPads for the wounded soldiers there. The Bar Mitzvah boy was doing this in honor of his special day. He wanted to share it with the heroes of Israel. 

The day ended with a visit to Yishuv Metar where the group met Shaliach Rabbi Schneur Kurtz. They went to visit two families whose sons had been lost in the battles in Gaza. They sat with the bereaved families, offering their condolences and telling them how much the entire Jewish world is behind them and praying for them. It was a very emotional time for the families who deeply appreciated the visits.  

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