Say a Prayer for Our Wounded Soldiers

Please take a moment to recite a Psalm for the speedy recovery of our soldiers who have been wounded in war.

The following are the names of the courageous Israel Defense Forces soldiers who have been wounded in the Gaza conflict. By joining in prayer for them, we hope they will quickly have a full and complete recovery. Chabad Terror Victims Project (CTVP) and Chabad emissaries visit the wounded soldiers in the medical centers, to comfort them and boost their morale and show them how much they are appreciated and cared for by Jews around the world. 

We give them Tefillin as well as a Siddur, Chumash Tanya and Tehillim (Chitas). For those facing long and painful recoveries, we provide them with laptops and IPads generously donated by Jewish communities abroad. We thank everyone for their caring and generosity and invite the whole Jewish family to stand together in the support of Israel, her soldiers, and her people at this dangerous time. 

Please recite Chapter 20 of Tehillim in English. Please pray for the complete and speedy recovery of the wounded of the “Exceptional Soldiers of the IDF”

For prayer and updated list of names in English please click here

For prayer and updated list of names in Hebrew please click here.