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CTVP Aiding Terror Victims during Pesach Holiday
CTVP has begun the annual "Passover Help Program". The goal is to provide assistance to victims of terror and war and their families who are under even greater financial pressure during the Passover holiday season. It is urgent that they are able to celebrate and enjoy this deeply meaningful holiday without the stress of worry.
Prime Minister Bakes Matzah with Victims of Terror at CTVP headquarters in Kfar Chbad
Prime Minister Benjemin Netanyahu took time off his busy schedule to come to Kfar Chabad to visit with victims of terror and war and bake Matzah with them. He heard their stories and was moved by their spirit. He also met with the leaders of CTVP and said he was inspired by their work.
CTVP Brings the Joy of Purim to Wounded Soldiers in the Hospital
Beautiful packages of Mishloach Manot were distributed to the wounded soldiers via CTVP at a special celebration held for them at the Tel Hashomer Rehabilitation Hospital in honor of Purim.

CTVP is in constant contact with hundreds of wounded soldiers with multiple programs throughout the year. From the moment of injury CTVP is at their beside in the hospital, during the rehabilitation and for as long as needed.
Gaza Terrorists Shower at Least 60 Rockets on Southern Israel
Terrorists in the Gaza Strip have battered towns and villages in southern Israel with at least 60 rockets, in the largest-scale attack since the 2012 Pillar of Defense counter terrorism operation. Of those, at least five were launched at Sderot; the Iron Dome has stopped some of them from making an impact on Israeli soil, according to the latest updates.
Preparations for Purim are well under way
Preparations for Purim are well under way at the headquarters of CTVP in Kfar Chabad. As usual, special activities will take place for thousands of IDF widows, wounded IDF soldiers and terror victims and their families throughout Israel. Hundreds of Chabad House volunteers will visit the families at their homes, bringing them mishloach manos and Purim greetings
Heroic IDF Officer's Moving Speech
Captain Ziv Shilon, who was critically injured on the Gaza border and made an amazing recovery, was the guest of honor at an event saluting Chabad in Israel. Ziv spoke about CTVP who escorted him from his injury to his return to life, and about his life-altering meeting in New York with the Rebbe's image and virtues.
Tension on Gaza front
IAF attacks Gaza targets in response to shooting of Defense Ministry employee

Palestinian sniper fire kills Salah Shukri Abu Latyef, 22, who was working on the Gaza border fence; Netanyahu calls shooting a "very grave incident," says Israel will "react with force."
South African Member of Parliament joins CTVP for a day of goodness and kindness
Chabad Terror Victims Project (CTVP.ORG) staff and volunteers, accompanied by MP Jack Bloom, a Jewish member of the Gauteng Provincial Parliament in South Africa., visited families in Israel whose lives had been recently shattered by terror and violence.
Bus Passengers Miraculously Escape Bomb Explosion
Passengers on the Dan 240 bus that goes from the Bnei Brak to the Bat Yam cemetery noticed a suspicious package at the back of the bus. They alerted the bus driver, who asked if the black bag belonged to anyone. When no one answered, he stopped the bus at the corner of Mivtza Sinai and Katznelson streets in Bat Yam, ordered the passengers off the bus, and alerted police, who sent bomb experts to the scene.
Soldier Killed by Sniper Fire Near Lebanon
IDF Master Sergeant Shlomi Cohen, 31, of Afula, was killed on Sunday evening after being hit by sniper fire near Israel's northern border with Lebanon. The attack took place near Rosh Hanikra, in northwestern Israel, and was perpetrated by a soldier from the Lebanese army. A military source who spoke withArutz Sheva said that the Lebanese soldier fired at least seven bullets at an IDF vehicle.
Israeli Hero Inspires American Students to be Proud of Being Jewish
Jewish students from Dartmouth College in New Hampshire learned about the love of the Land of Israel by a special talk organized by CTVP by Golani fighter Ziv Yitzhaki who was wounded in the second Lebanon war. The meeting was held in Jerusalem and and left a deep impression on the students . Ziv's message to them was " Do not be afraid. Be proud of being Jewish "!
Wounded soldiers and victims of terror declare "Light Will Win"!
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Dozens of wounded soldiers and terror victims lit a candle with CTVP and expressed the message of "light will win". The Chanukah party was held at the Tel Hashomer rehabiliation center where many of the wounded are receiving their healing. A particularly moving moment was when Rabbi Menachem Kutner invited a wounded soldier who lost his eyesight in Gaza to participate along with the Menorah lighting. The moving prayer of 'Shaasah Nisim' which speaks of the tremendous miracles that happned back in the days of the Macabies and in our times, took on a special and powerful meaning when recited by the wounded soldiers and victims of terror.
IDF Major Joins with CTVProject to Light Chanukah Candle with Injured Hand Saved from Amputation
Major Ziv Shilon, of the Israel Defense Forces, was at the border of Gaza a year ago when he was severely wounded. During Chanukah, Rabbi Menachem Kutner, Director of CTVP, visited Ziv. Together they lit the first candle of Chanukah, Ziv using his injured right hand that had been saved from amputation.

Special Chanukah Candle lighting on Behalf of Victims of Terror in Israel
Chabad Terror Victims Project (CTVP) is organizing an international program called “Operation Chanukah” to dedicate one night of Chanukah to honor victims of terror and their families, wounded soldiers and their families, and all those who have lost loved ones to terror or war throughout Israel.
From Switzerland with love
Two boys, both Bar Mitzvah age. One has grown up in Zurich, Switzerland, the other in Israel. Their lives have taken very different paths but recently they shared a wonderful, memorable, exciting day as Bar Mitzvah “twins”.
Ensuring the Sweetness of Rosh Hashanah for Wounded Israeli Soldiers
Chabad Terror Victims Project (CTVP) recently visited Tel Hashomer Hospital to take part in a Pre-Rosh Hashanah party for wounded soldiers and others in the hospital who are ill. Everyone was given a lovely package with a beautiful card and a container of honey. The packages were packed earlier in the day by a very special young man, Yosef Roizen from Buenos Aries, Argentina.

Hope & Prayer for a Little Girl Injured in a Terror Attack
Six months ago, when Odel Biton was just two years old, terrorists hurled rocks from above at her mother’s car as she was driving toward home, causing the car to veer off the road.
Her father went with Rabbi Kutner to pray at the grave of the Baal Shem Tov on behalf of Odel who was named for the Baal Shem Tov's daughter. It was a powerful moment as he stood there beseeching help for his daughter. Afterwards, Rafi said: "We pray that the New Year will bring with it new beginnings, and that we will see ongoing improvements in our precious Odel’s condition.”
CTVP Brings Hope and Help to Families for High Holidays
As in previous years, the staff of CTVP is gearing up to facilitate special activities for the support and encouragement of victims of terror and war and their families in Israel in advance of the High Holidays. CTVP will be providing financial support, and going on home visits to needy families whose lives have been shattered by terror and war
CTVP Restores Mobility to Victims of Terror and Wounded Soldiers in Israel
Chabad Terror Victims Project (CTVP) has teamed up with American Wheelchair Mission, to deliver brand-new wheelchairs to victims of terror and wounded soldiers in Israel. The stories of those to whom they brought these urgently needed chairs are moving, harrowing and extraordinary.
The Sisterhood of Women
Retreat for Women Terror Victims

They come from all over Israel and from vastly different lifestyles. Yet, they all have one thing in common – all have had their lives devastated by acts of terror and violence – all share in a unique sisterhood of understanding and empathy. They deserve a break: Women whose lives were devastated by terror were treated to a restful luxury retreat at the Dead Sea by CTVP.
As far away from Burgas as possible
ynetnews.com Article

Terror victims were taken on vacation to New York on behalf of Chabad Terror Victims Project. For 10 days, Daniel Fahima got away from treatments after the Burgas terrorist attack. He shares his thoughts about the trip and about his two best friends killed in Burgas.
Heroes of Israel Enjoying NYC
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The soldiers were brought to New York for an all-expenses-paid trip where they experienced ten days of fun, pleasure and inspiration. The trip was arranged by Chabad Israel Center of the Upper East Side, directed by Rabbi Uriel and Shevy Vigler, in cooperation with the Chabad Terror Victims Program of Israel.
Ten Severely Wounded IDF Soldiers get Uplifted in NY Trip
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Chabad Israel Center of the Upper East Side under Rabbi Uriel & Shevy Vigler are hosting these heroes on a special 10 day rehabilitation tour. The goal of this tour is catered toward creating golden memories for severely wounded IDF soldiers and victims of terror, flying them to New York for ten trouble-free, worry-free days. The group are being accompanied by CTVP staff who care for these heroes year round in Israel.
Israeli Father of Five Killed in Shomron Terror Attack
An Arab terrorist armed with a knife stabbed an Israeli at the Tapuach junction in Shomron (Samaria) on Tuesday morning. CTVP Staff visited with the family.
Rockets Fired at Eilat
The Color Red rocket alert siren blared throughout the city of Eilat shortly after 9 a.m. on Wednesday morning, sending residents racing for bomb shelters. It is believed that terrorists fired three rockets at the city, although the geographic source of the rocket fire is not yet clear. IDF commanders suspect the attack was launched from Sinai.
Remembering Israel's Fallen
Traffic came to a halt and people stood in silence honoring Israel’s fallen soldiers and victims of terror Monday morning as sirens wailed across Israel. Yom Hazikaron, or Israel’s Day of Remembrance is dedicated to remembering the sacrifice of 22,682 soldiers and some 2000 victims of terror. Among them, Eti Mamistavlov recalled the moment she heard her husband Yossi was killed by a suicide bomber leaving her four children without a father.
More rockets from Gaza hit Israel
The al-Qaeda affiliated Mojahideen Shura claimed responsibility for firing two rockets at the Eshkol region Tuesday, saying it was retaliation for the death of a prominent Palestinian prisoner who died the same day in Israeli custody.
Doctor’s Fight for 2-Year-Old Adelle’s Life
The two-year-old girl critically wounded in a rock attack near Ariel on Thursday night remains in extremely serious condition. The girl, Adelle Biton, was in a car along with her mother and two older sisters, 6-year-old Naama and 4-year-old Avigail. All four were wounded when Arab men hurled rocks at a truck traveling the opposite direction, causing it to veer off course and hit their car.
Chabad of the Five Towns Helps CTVP Pack Purim Gifts for Terror Victims and Soldiers
CTVP welcomed Rabbi Zalman and Channie Wolowic along with members of their community who were on a Chabad of the Five Towns Israel Mission to Israel and who came to volunteer their time to help CTVP pack thousands of Mishloach Manot gifts for victims of terror and IDF soldiers and their families throughout Israel.
Gifts From the Heart for the Residents of the South
Every day we send out teams of volunteers to the south of the country, where they go from bomb shelter to bomb shelter, to the areas where rockets are exploding, and also to the shut-ins in their apartments, and distribute packages and lots of encouragement. The packages include toys and games for kids, candy, and reading books. But the most important thing is to embrace and the love that accompanies the packages
Terror in Tel Aviv - Bus Blown up leaving 21 injured
A terrorist left a bomb that exploded in a Dan bus in the center of Tel Aviv, around noon. 21 people were injured, three people suffered serious injuries, two of whom needed surgery and are being operated on as this is written.
Over 500 missiles have landed in Israel / CTVP responds
CTVP has mobilized its 300 Chabad Houses with hundreds of volunteers in the regions under fire. We are in the field bringing moral spiritual and practical support to the families and the soldiers who are in the line of fire. Our volunteers are distributing Food, Drinks and Toys to the bomb shelters and sandwiches and supplies to the soldiers awaiting orders on the front lines.
Over 60 rockets were fired at Israel on Shabbat
Rocket Hits Chabad Building

Over 60 rockets were fired at Israel on Shabbat, many of them intercepted by the Iron Dome system, including rockets aimed at the cities of Sderot, Netivot, Ashdod, and Be'er Sheva. One of the Chabad Centers of Ashdod located on the ground floor of the building was hit. Local Chabd Rabbi says it was a great miracle that there were no casualties from the blast.

Chabad’s Weapon in Time of War …
A new project called, “Libenu It’chem” [our hearts are with you] was launched to provide assistance and support to citizens in the line of fire according to whatever is needed.
CTVP Emergency Command Center Set Up in Response to Rocket Attacks
A Command Center has been established by Chabad Terror Victims Project (CTVP) to coordinate all activities of the 300 Chabad Houses throughout Israel as rockets continue to rain down on southern Israel. There have been numerous tragic deaths and injuries, some of the injuries extremely serious, in this latest vicious assault on Israel and her people.
Three Israeli Civilians Killed in Gaza Rocket Attacks
Victims Members of Chabad Community

Among the victims of this morning’s Gaza rocket attack on the Israeli city of Kiryat Malachi was a 25 year old Chabad activist in New Dehli, India named Mirah (nee Cohen) Scharf, who was visiting Israel for the memorial service of Chabad Mumbai terror victims Gabi and Rivka Holtzberg. The Hebrew anniversary of their brutal murder is today.
CTVP volunteers are on the scene.
At Least 70 Rockets Fired at Southern Israel
CTVP mobilizing volunteers

Gaza-based terrorists fired a barrage of rockets at southern Israel’s communities on Wednesday evening. At least 70 rockets were fired at southern Israel as of 11:45 p.m. (local time) Wednesday night. The Iron Dome anti-missile defense system was able to intercept 20 of the rockets that were fired at Israel. In at least two cases, rockets hit populated areas in Ashdod and Be’er Sheva. Damage was caused to a building in Ashdod and a parked vehicle in Be’er Sheva.
CTVP volunteers are on highest alert.

Israeli planes launched "Operation Pillar of Defense" (Amud Anan) with an airstrike that killed Ahmed Jabari, the military chief of Hamas. The attack was launched following an increase in the number of rockets fired from the Gaza Strip. CTVP has set up a command center which will assess the situation and take necessary steps if and when necessary. We pray for the safety of our people.
CTVP Participates in special Bday Celebration of Burgas Terror Victim
CTVP recently shared in the celebration of Daniel Fahima’s birthday. He is a survivor. He was one of the most severely injured in the horrible act of terror in which a bus filled with Israeli tourists, on their way to vacations at the Black Sea, was blown up by a suicide bomber on July 18, 2012 in the Burgas, Bulgaria airport. Daniel lost an eye, suffered wounds, and was burned over 70% of his body in the attack in which he lost two of his closest friends.
CTVP Strengthens Injured Officer
Ziv, a courageous officer in the Israel Defense Forces (IDF), whose family lives in Be'er Sheva, close to the local Chabad House, lost a hand in an explosion in the Gaza Strip. As doctors struggled to save his other hand. CTVP, with the local Shaliach, Rabbi Moshe Ariel Roth, was at his bedside in the hospital to bring hope, comfort and help to him and his family.
Four Wounded in Massive Rocket Barrage on South
Hamas and allied terrorists pound Israel with more than 50 rocket attacks Wednesday. Four wounded, two seriously.Thousands of Israeli children were ordered to stay home from school on Wednesday to keep them safe from Gaza rocket fire.
Chabad Terror Victims Project Marks 11 Years Since the 9/11 Attacks
The United States Embassy in Israel held a memorial service today marking the 11 years since the World Trade Center attacks in New York City. Rabbi Menachem Kutner, Director of CTVP opened the ceremony with a moving prayer for the souls of those who lost their lives and to comfort their bereaved families.
Gaza Grad Missile Hits Home in Netivot
Terrorists from Hamas-controlled Gaza fired two Grad missiles at southern Israel on Saturday night. One of the missiles hit a home in the city of Netivot. Missile Attack Survivor: This Was a Miracle
A Surprise Visit to the Children of Sderot!
First-grade children in the beleaguered city of Sderot in the south of Israel received a wonderful surprise visit from the Roisen family, who are part of Rabbi Zvi Greenblatt’s community in Argentina.
The family was in Israel to celebrate the Bat Mitzvah of their daughter Dina and wanted to share their happiness with the children.
Florida Bat Mitzvah Bridges Divide to Celebrate With Israeli Victims of Terror
Kaylee Andrusier’s Bat Mitzvah celebration wasn’t about the party or the gifts. For the Bal Harbour, Fla., resident, it was about bringing happiness to fellow 12-year-old girls living in the shadow of Palestinian rocket fire.

CTVP Cares for Victims of Burgas Terror Attack
As the victims arrived in Israel by plane, CTVP immediately went to the hospitals where they were being treated, meeting with them and their families to offer comfort, support, and help. During these initial meetings, assessments were made on a case-by-case basis to provide individualized assistance programs to each family based on their needs and their situations.
U.S. College Students Volunteer to Help Terror Victims in Israel
Dozens of students from colleges across the United States arrived in Kfar Chabad, Israel in June as part of an exciting and stimulating Chabad on Campus IsraeLinks tour. They were accompanied by Rabbi Zalman and Yehudis Bluming and their family.
Israel’s Wounded Women Warriors Coming to NYC
The group of all-women are welcomed to the United States to relax and enjoy by the Chabad Israel Center and the Chabad Terror Victims Project.
Widow and Mother of Toulouse Victims Issues Heartfelt Call for Light
Eva Sandler, the French widow and mother who lost her husband and two of their children in the Monday’s attack outside the Ozar Hatorah high school in Toulouse, implored people around the world to carry on the victims’ memories by doing good deeds and recommitting themselves to Torah study.
On Purim MK Yossi Peled Brings Comfort to Families Afflicted by Terror
Chabadnik for a day

The Saroussi parents, Kobi and Anat, were delighted and honored to greet Minister Peled as well as Chairman of Chabad in Israel, Rabbi Joseph Aronov, and Director of Chabad Terror Victims Project, Rabbi Menachem Kutner.
Over 100 Rockets Strike Israel on Weekend
Terrorists shoot over 100 rockets since IAF killed Zuheir al-Keisi Friday, wound eight – one seriously. CTVP staff and volunteers are with the communities and with the wounded.
Canadian Foreign Minister Visits with CTVP
“This meeting is important to me, because until now I have only known about terror attacks through dry reports,” Baird said during his sit down with terror victims coordinated by the Chabad Terror Victims Project. “But now, [I know of terrorism’s effects] through the pain worn on the faces of the living.”
CTVP Supporters Distribute Teffilin to Needy Bar Mitzvah Boys
There is giving Tzedakah, and then there is hands-on help. Some generous CTVP supporters decided they wanted to do more than provide financial assistance to terror victims and their families. They wanted to become directly involved in a hands-on way. So they gave of their time and money and accompanied CTVP staff and distributed Teffilin to needy Bar Mitzvah Boys. More Photos inside.
Israel's Channel 10 News features CTVP Bar Mitzvah
Israel's Channel 10 News focused on the emotional story of Elad Sheffi who 9 years ago survived a terror attack when he was shot in his head. Unfortunately, his sister Daniel did not make it. Channel 10 joins him as he celebrates his Bar Mitzvah at the Kotel with CTVP.
Bar and Bat Mitzvah Celebration at the Western Wall for 86 Children Who are Victims of Terror
Eighty-six children in Israel, all of whom have directly experienced the pain of terror, celebrated beautiful Bar and Bat Mitzvahs at the Western Wall during Chanukah. The event was organized by Chabad Terror Victims Project (CTVP). The children and their families came to Jerusalem from all over Israel for this once-in-a-lifetime rite of Jewish passage.
Our Heroes Enjoying An Extraordinary Visit to Brazil
Exploring Sugar Loaf Mountains, taking a jeep trip along the beach at Ipanema, cheering at a soccer game at Pacaembu Stadium, experiencing adaptive surfing at Barra Beach, enjoying a safari at Parque Macuco, hiking trails with special accessibility in the Tijuca Forest, having a beautiful Shabbat dinner at Beit Chabad of Itaim ... All of these and much more are part of an extraordinary trip that has brought CTVP and seven wounded Israeli soldiers to Brazil for the trip of a lifetime.
Sderot’s first grade Students receive special gifts from Mequon
First grade students in Sderot received a wonderful surprise. CTVP staff visited the children and brought them gifts of backpacks and supplies from the Chabad community in Mequon, Wisconsin, USA. The children were thrilled to receive their gifts.
CTVP Emergency Command Center Continues Urgent Work
Though a "ceasefire" has oficially gone into effect in the south of Israel, the trauma to those affected has no respite. Chabad Terror Victims Project is continuing its urgent work caring for the victims of the terror attacks and their families, as well as the over one million people in the south who found themselves under direct threat of attack.

A Simple Act: The Difference a Car Can Make
There are many stories that have emerged from these days of terror and fear, stories of the unique help that only CTVP is able to provide to families shattered by terror. Here is just one.

Jon Voight joins CTVP in visiting terror victims
Hollywood actor Jon Voight joined CTVP and visited Soroka Hospital in Beersheba Sunday in an effort to cheer up victims of the recent violence from Gaza – Thursday's terror attacks as well as the still ongoing rocket attacks that followed.

Summer's Underway!
The first group of children from families devastated by terror, are commencing their programs in our day camps and overnight camps.
Hundreds of Children from Sderot Enjoying Summer Camp
Hundreds of children from the beleaguered town of Sderot are finding urgently needed rest and relaxation in a special summer camp program under the auspices of Chabad of Sderot.
Two Extraordinary Stories of Bravery and Courage
Each soldier on our trip has an equally moving story. Each soldier took from this trip courage and hope knowing how very much they are respected and loved by the Jewish people worldwide.
As a sample, here are some very moving stories of two of the soldiers, Avichai and Dudi.
Our Soldiers’ Journey to USA
The journey com­bined extraordinary experiences that en­compassed a Yankees game, Disneyland, the Empire State Building, the Holocaust Museum, Ellis Island, Hollywood, Chabad Headquarters, the resting place of Rabbi Menachem Mendel Schneerson, Central Park, and much, much more. Pictures inside.
Children’s Letters Console Family of Murdered Israelis
Children and parents from New Zealand to New York, stunned by the March 11 massacre of five members of Itamar, Israel’s Fogel family by Palestinian terrorists, have penned countless letters of support to its orphans, extending words of comfort, love and support.

Over 120 Rockets and Mortar Shells Slam into Israel in One Weekend Alone
Over 120 rockets and mortars slammed into Israel during one recent weekend alone. Eshkol Regional Council Head Haim Yalin said, “We’ve been under attack for three days. The feeling is that we are in the midst of a real escalation.

“As far as we’re concerned, this is Cast Lead all over again. We are in a [state of ] emergency, even though the state has not declared an official emergency. We’ve been running around all day to calm local residents,” Yalin added.

Report from the Hospital
On Wednesday March 23, 2011, a terrorist bomb exploded next to Egged bus number 74 in Jerusalem, leaving behind a trail of death and injury. Within hours, our Chabad Terror Victims Project (CTVP) staff and volunteers were already at hospitals throughout the city, at the bedsides of the bombing victims. Below is a first hand report from the hospital from Rabbi Menachem Kutner, director of CTVP.

CTVP Organizes Wonderful Purim party for Wounded IDF Soldiers
As we do each year, this year too, CTVP organized a very special Purim party for the Israel Defense Forces (IDF) soldiers who were wounded in battle.

Following the reading of the Megillah, tremendous joy could be felt everywhere as the soldiers and CTVP staff and volunteers broke into spontaneous dancing and songs from Purim.
Network of Support in Place for Latest Israeli Terror Victims
For many, the most difficult of challenges comes after that first few days, when the realization of being a victim of a terror attack sinks in. That's when CTVP's important work becomes essential.
1 dead, At Least 39 injured in Jerusalem Bus Bombing
One woman died and at least 39 people were injured after an explosion took place near a bus in central Jerusalem on Wednesday afternoon, March 23, 2011. A bomb inside a bag exploded outside Egged bus number 74 at a station opposite the Jerusalem Conference Center (Binyanei Ha'uma) in the center of town.

Hundreds of Volunteers Visit Terror Victims on Purim
Chabad's Terror Victims Project (CTVP) arranged for hundreds of volunteers to bring mishloach manos‚ traditional gifts of food‚ to terror victims and their families on Purim. There are currently over 3,000 such families in Israel who have either lost a loved one or have a relative who was injured in the war against Palestinian terror that has raged through Israel since the signing of the Oslo accords.
Israeli Family’s Brutal Murder Stuns Nation
Rabbi Udi Fogel, 36, his wife Ruth, 35, and their children Yoav, 11, Elad, 4 and Hadas, 3 months old, had been slashed and stabbed – in the words of one first responder, “literally slaughtered” – by at least one terrorist who had infiltrated their village of Itamar at about 10:30 p.m. Friday night. Two other sons, Ro’i, 8 and Shai, 2, were sleeping and went miraculously unnoticed by the terrorists
Israel Mission from USA Helps CTVP Pack Purim Gifts for Terror Victims
CTVP emissaries are preparing teams of thousands of volunteers from all over the country who will arrive on Purim day to visit the families with special wishes for a Happy Purim, and to help bring the joy of Purim into their homes.
Actor John Voight Meets Wounded IDF soldiers Cared for by Chabad Terror Victim Project
World-renowned Hollywood actor Jon Voight ended a visit to Israel with an emotional meeting with wounded IDF heroes who participate in Chabad Terror Victims Project programs and activities. Jon, who is very close to Chabad, and a very strong proponent of Israel, has been using his considerable influence in the U.S. to bolster Israel's public image.
One Month Later, Israelis Reclaim Lives and a Blackened Forest
A month after the Carmel Fire claimed 44 lives, sent 17,000 people fleeing their homes and torched more than 12,000 acres, Israelis from all walks of life and their government representatives are collectively remembering a natural disaster that laid bare the country’s inability to fight a massive forest fire. Today, recriminations and accusations echo throughout all halls of power, while non-profit efforts – backed by public and private money – help people get back on their feet.
Families of Israeli Fire Victims Receive Aid and Compassion
In the wake of Israel’s worst natural disaster in modern history, a Chabad-Lubavitch organization is providing badly-needed financial aid to the 43 families whose loved ones perished in the flames.

Hollywood Director Kevin Bright Brightens the Lives of his New 'Friends'
Acclaimed Hollywood director Kevin Bright (producer and creator of the very popular Friends series) spent the seventh night of Chanukah bringing light and happiness to wounded soldiers of the IDF. About 25 soldiers who were wounded in the recent wars in Gaza and the second Lebenon war, came to a special Chanukah party organized by CTVP for them and their family members.
CTVP Big Sister Program begins its Seventh Year
Another successful year of friendship and mentoring has begun for the families of terror victims in Israel. This special project of CTVP pairs young women studying at the various seminaries with hundreds of families throughout Israel. The volunteers receive special instructions and are guided by Chabad Terror Victims staff.

Moving Moments at the Kotel - Rejoicing with Sixty Bar and Bat Mitzvah Children
Sixty children, all from families in Israel whose lives have been shattered by terror attacks, recently celebrated their Bar and Bat Mitzvahs – their Jewish coming of age -- on a very special and highly moving day. CTVP hosted these sixty youngsters for a very emotional and touching Bar and Bat Mitzvah ceremony at the Kotel, the Western Wall.
A Bar Mitzvah Boy in Boston & CTVP Make a Bar Mitzvah Dream Come True
Life in hardscrabble Sderot got harder for Assaf in 2006, when a Kassam missile launched from neighboring Gaza struck the Suissas’ home in S’derot, injuring his parents Yakov and Lilach and traumatizing young Assaf.
A bar mitzvah boy from Boston ensured that the Suissas finally caught a break and got a chance to go all out for Assaf’s bar mitzvah.

Wounded Israeli Veterans to Challenge Themselves on Aspen’s Slopes
The Jewish community in Aspen, Colo., is welcoming injured Israeli veterans and terror victims to the popular ski resort for its third-annual program designed to help them overcome physical challenges.
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